Keto Luxe Cheesy Ham Casserole

Cheesy, creamy, ham-n-bacon goodness. Is your mouth watering yet? I’d like to introduce you to my keto luxe cheesy cauliflower ham casserole. We’re going to call this recipe “luxe” because it feels sinful.

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Breakfast Comfort Food: Noatmeal

It’s a cold, rainy day here and lately I’ve been jonesin’ for some oatmeal, so I reached for an easy peasy noatmeal recipe from Screwed on Straight. The ingredients are simple: golden flax seed meal, black chia seeds, your preferred sweetner, and a milk product of your choosing. Toppings are entirely up to you and you could easily take this from sweet to savory with one simple swap.

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Chocolate Mousse 2 Ways

Chocolatey, creamy, smooth… chocolate mousse has got it goin’ on. Here are two ways to crush that chocolate/creamy/dessert craving – one zero carb while the other is one net carb, both stupid simple, and both offer different textures. Either way, it’ll “stick to your ribs” to fend off any hunger pains. I use mousse often when fasting (before or after to drive up my fat numbers) or when my sweet tooth starts acting like a napless toddler. It’s good for breakfast, too… I’ve heard…

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