Check out my posts What is Keto and Getting Start for a quick overview.

Figure out your macros with the Keto Calculator. Do this once a month to stay on top of any changes your body might need.

Stock up! Read my post on what to buy at Costco.

If you’re looking for a positive keto community, I highly recommend the Adapted to Keto Facebook group. People in all stages of the keto journey can be found here.

Some of my favorite keto YouTubers are Healthful Pursuit, Keto Connect, the KetovangelistJason Wittrock, and GoodyBeats. If you have an hour to kill, this vid with Jason Wittrock and Steve Hertzler, PhD is a great listen with plenty of take-aways.

Rebecca-Louise Fitness is my go-to for workouts that produce realistic results. I love her personality and the variety of workouts.