Off the Wagon and a Pic Share

Between my recent beastly cravings for Nashville hot chicken that I could no longer both stave off and stay sane, and distractedly downing a large Coke that I thought was a Diet Coke, I’ve managed to knock myself out of ketosis. Good thing the keto wagon stops and lets you back on when you fall off.

For me, inspiration is essential to stay on track when I’m getting back into ketosis or when I feel like nothing is changing. Side by side photos are what I’ve found to be the best inspiration out there. (So selfie it up – and often!) On that note, I thought I’d share my progress today.

Stats to remember: I started the ketogenic diet in January. I have not had weight loss surgery and I don’t use any instant ketones, shakes, pills, etc. I simply follow the basics of a ketogenic diet staying under 20g net carbs and packing in alllll the fats. June through August I went “lazy keto” and my weight loss slowed to about 1-2 pounds per week. September has been riddled with false “serious keto” starts. I was recently knocked out of ketosis and now that I’m back in, I’m going back to my habits earlier this year. I do not have goals whether it be weight, size, measurement, or time frame. I’m learning this way of life and when I feel I’m at my smallest, most manageable weight, I’ll go into maintenance mode. And no, I am still not working out. Life is busy, mmmkay?


On the left was this time last year at the Miss Virginia USA pageant. The dress is a very forgiving plus size 20 and I came in around 240 pounds. On the right was earlier this month at the Miss America pageant. This dress is a straight size 14 with no stretch and I weigh around 180.


BONUS: Every once in a while I’ll do side by side photos for my husband. He’s looking so good! The left photo was taken during a vacation last year. On the right is today.


For him, the health benefits alone have been worth the change in lifestyle. While I’m over here enjoying the effects on my wardrobe, he’s experiencing some amazing changes to his health. I might have him guest post in the near future about that.

With that, I’m off to start my weekend. Keto on, friends!




2 thoughts on “Off the Wagon and a Pic Share

  1. Jeanine Mallory says:

    Amazing job guys!!! I’m so loving keto!!! End of this week is 30 days. I have never made it that long on a eating plan without wanting to cheat. No temptations what soever.


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