The Summer Lazies


As the summer begins to wind down, I finally have a moment to sit down and catch up on my ketogenic journey. Let’s discuss vacations, splurges, and weight gain, shall we?

This summer has been a blur. I had major trips and various events in June/July. August will include another long trip, more events, and flipping the switch back to our regular scheduling. It’s not all that complicated to do keto on the road/vacationing/on the run, but I honestly just wanted to relax and focus on the moment rather than tallying macros and hunting down fat. Yes, it’s my way of life, but it also takes effort. Let’s be real about that.

My first trip wasn’t all that bad. I managed to remain in ketosis probably due to the fact we were running nonstop forcing me to fast (without my coffee this was absolute hell) and my only options were salads and burgers the entire week. Oh, I did have two truffles during a tea party.

The next trip was our big, annual family beach vacation – it also kicked off my sixth month on keto. I decided I wasn’t going to even try to remain in ketosis. I honestly wanted to see what would happen. (Don’t hate!) Since my habits have cemented themselves, I actually didn’t stray all that far. A couple of nights I indulged in a bowl of ice cream with the kids, had some potato chips over a card game, ate a crab cake and a few hushpuppies, and enjoyed a healthy slice of cake. This was over nine days. I was mostly amazed with the enormous effort my body was putting into alerting me that it was craving fat. A stick of butter was looking mighty fine at one point.

When we got home from vacation we went straight back into normalcy and I popped right back into ketosis. The damage done: I gained 10 pounds. However, within a week I was down almost 15 pounds. I’ve continued my usual drop since. The moral of the story is that I can do this. There’s no subconscious thrill of sabotaging myself. There’s no undoing all the effort. There’s also way more effort to fall off and zero worry about getting back on the wagon. That’s serious mental progress which is half the battle (or the majority for many of us).

As we prepare for our next vacation I’m already pre-planning cheats. I know it’s going to happen – like Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville. (I mean, that has to happen. Have you ever had hot chicken?! That’s life right there.) With the previous experiment under my belt, I’m in no way concerned about this trip. I know I won’t stray far and being just our little keto-friendly family unit on this trip as opposed to the whole family under one roof stocked with junk food, I’ll be able to stay within my “normal” much easier. My husband and I do an amazing job of keeping each other on track.

So there’s that. Don’t fret the small stuff. You can do it!

Keto on!



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