Pounds vs. Inches

Stay off the scale they say. I’ve said it here, too. Except I don’t practice what I preach. I religiously track weight and measurements to gain a better understanding of how keto works for me. Especially if you’re tweaking or experimenting, tracking weight and measurements are incredibly helpful.

Perhaps you’ve heard “you’re either loosing weight or inches”? Since hearing that I’ve been even more dutiful in daily tracking. Know what I discovered?


Besides the obvious bouncing and general downward trend, I’ve discovered this… when my weight drops, there is no change in measurements and when my weight bounces up, my measurements go down.

(To weight loss veterans and experts I’m sure you’re thinking duh, but I’m new to this as well as many who read this blog, and this information is fascinating.)

I’ve also noticed when I’m loosing pounds I feel fat, while I feel thinner when my weight bounces up and the inches come off. The whole process amuses me. Seems backwards, doesn’t it? Don’t be discouraged – change IS happening!

So weigh and measure religiously, or don’t. For some the bouncing up is likely to make them feel like a failure and fall off the wagon (that used to be me) while it’s great motivation for others. Do whatever doesn’t sabotage your efforts.

Personally, I’m motivated most by tracking these results and seeing my body change. MyFitnessPal is a popular app to track food, weight, goals, etc. I especially like that I can add a photo to my weigh-ins and compare it with the side-by-side viewing option to previous photos. Now that’s some serious motivation!

Keto on!



One thought on “Pounds vs. Inches

  1. Cara-Shay Jeffrey says:

    I definitely needed this today. My weight has been fluctuating, but I tried on my jean skirt and it fit better than before. I was wondering why since my weight was up. Thanks!!!!


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