Breakfast Comfort Food: Noatmeal

It’s a cold, rainy day here and lately I’ve been jonesin’ for some oatmeal, so I reached for an easy peasy noatmeal recipe from Screwed on Straight. The ingredients are simple: golden flax seed meal, black chia seeds, your preferred sweetner, and a milk product of your choosing. Toppings are entirely up to you and you could easily take this from sweet to savory with one simple swap.


2T Black Chia Seeds
2T Golden Flaxseed Meal
1/2c Almond Coconut Milk
1T Vanilla Syrup


1. Throw it in a pot on medium heat for a few minutes until it starts to set.
2. Spoon into a bowl and top as you wish. I like it with a little extra milk, butter, pecans, and fresh whipped cream (not pictured). You could even go savory by omitting the syrup and topping with bacon and cheese.


Tips: Combine ingredients in a covered dish the night before and microwave it in the morning. Or premix your dry ingredients and store in an airtight container to scoop out as needed.

Using the products I did above, not counting toppings, the noatmeal comes in at just 2.5g net carbs. Not bad for a satisfying, filling portion.




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