Four Month Ketoversary

Today I ring in four months on a ketogenic diet. Happy ketoversary to me! A little update…

Since January 9th I’m down over 30 pounds, lost over 20 inches, and dropped four dress sizes. Not bad for a simple change in diet.

I spent much of the past month tweaking and trying different things. One of which was not counting veggies. One of my favorite bloggers mentioned she doesn’t count veggie carbs and since I love my veggies (I would make a great rabbit) I thought why not?!

This past month also saw some cheats. BBQ nachos at the drive-in happened because yes, every time we go to the drive-in an hour away I’m going to get hungry towards the second feature and without keto friendly concessions I am going to cheat. Get over it because I’m FINE with it! I know this will leave some ketoers shaking their heads as if I’ve kicked a baby, but look at me over here not giving a flip.

With the above in play my weight stalled much of the month. Really, I’m fine with it! Ya live, ya learn, ya move on! You’re either loosing weight or inches and since my clothes continue to loosen even though that scale hasn’t budged, I’m confident the bbq nachos didn’t undo the past three months of work. I don’t really have a goal weight, size, or date, so why rush or freak out? This is a marathon, not a sprint.

This month I look forward to more outdoor play with my kids now that it’s consistently warm – swimming, hiking, walks, etc. I’m also going back to daily yoga. No plans to tweak and yes, I’m going to the drive-in later in the month for a Smokey and the Bandit anniversary showing so there will be bbq nachos.

Keto on!



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