What to Buy at Costco


Fat, glorious fat and keto friendly quick fix foods can be found in bulk at Costco. Lots of keto-ers load up on specific items there. Here’s what you should buy from Costco…

Kerrygold Butter You want fatty, grass-fed butter, so Kerrygold it is. Three bars for approx $7 is a much better deal than shovel out up to $5 for one bar at your local grocery store.

Coconut Oil For cooking, BPC, fat bombs, and beyond – when you need alllll fat, you need coconut oil. A giant tub of Kirkland brand organic coconut oil will run you under $20. Store in a cool, dark place so it doesn’t melt. (Not your fridge unless you have mad chisel skills.)

Bacon If you’re doing a traditional ketogenic diet, your new best friend is bacon (wasn’t it before, though?). A package of four packs of bacon will run about $15. Unless my Kroger is running a killer sale, I just get it at Costco.

Sour Cream We love Mexican dishes, so sour cream is a must. Let’s not be silly, it’s good on lots of things and helps add fat. A large bucket is approx $3.

Heavy Cream Another must-have for your ketogenic lifestyle is quality heavy whipping cream. You can find a carton of Land-o-Lakes zero carb heavy cream for just under $5 at Costco (a couple bucks less than my local grocery store).

Mayo It’s a regional thing, but if you can get it, buy the big ‘ol tub of Duke’s. It’s zero carb and the tastiest mayonnaise I’ve ever had. Runs about $7 whereas a regular size jar at the the grocery store runs about $5. Good buy, good taste, and zero carb – yay!

Pink Himalayan Salt I’ve always been an advocate for kosher salt (seriously, throw out your table salt), but this pink stuff is a game changer. For a few bucks you can get a large grinder of it and I promise you’ll notice a difference in taste.

Burger Patties Last, but certainly not least is the convenience of pre-made hamburger patties. Keto burgers (ditch the bun and wrap in a lettuce leaf) are filling, crush junk food cravings, and are a quick fix meal. This pack has 20+ patties for under $20.


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